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  • USA-Based


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  • False Claims
  • Paid Endorsements
  • Expensive
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Final Verdict

There are better growth options out there. Look for more affordable and more trust-worthy options.

Follower Reviews has given Ampfluence a negative rating of 4.2/10. Here’s why:

Are you looking for a software tool that can help you to increase your Instagram account’s followers? Heard a lot about Ampfluence from friends and colleagues, but cannot decide if you can trust them? 

Instagram followers are essential for the success of any business; that is a given fact. The growth and popularity of your account are highly dependent on the follower’s count. 

You know that online presence is important, but it is not easy to get this kind of success overnight. Let us see how to choose a good service provider who can help reach the followers you are aiming for. 

About Ampfluence 

Ampfluence is a social media marketing company and has been wooing clients with its work in this field. 

The company is based in NJ, USA. It is a medium-sized company and promises good visibility on various social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. 

Organic growth Versus Automation

Ampfluence offers organic growth for your brand on the online social media platform. The home page of the company boasts of many innovative ideas and is very interactive. 

As per the company claims and policies, they don’t use any bots or automation tools to get followers. Organic growth is the company’s USP. But the company fails to provide clear transparency to back up the theory. 

What do they offer? 

 Ampfluence has a variety of features to offer its clients:

1. Manual growth is the main attractive feature that impresses the client. Having real likes is to ensure that a company can come across as real as possible. This should ideally create an image of trustworthiness in the public eye. Without enough followers on your Instagram account, no one will even know about you or your products. 

2. The company uses power-likes to influence the people who land on your Instagram page. They offer constant activity on the Insta account using real followers and profiles of the same niche. The company uses a similar method, such as the bots, and is supposed to beat the algorithm of Instagram. They offer the option to follow and unfollow the account and create alerts on the follower’s feed when new content is uploaded. 

3. Target the audience suggested by you. The team at Ampfluence promises to use the content provided by you to target the audience of your choice. This is a strange kind of support that can be achieved even without paying for the services. Since you already know who your target audience is and how to address them, why waste your money. 

4. Offer some competitive prices. The subscription models provide different levels of services. Initially you can opt for a few services and check the user’s response; if it is not satisfactory, you can always stop your association with the company. But if you are happy with the services provided, you can continue to pay for other services of your choice. The minimum package starts at 250 likes. It is too small to start with; you can easily get more likes through family and friends even without spending any money. 

More work for clients.

Any company that asks for you to share the Instagram password to keep it active all the time is a red flag for clients. Now it is your choice to provide the credentials of your personal space to a third party. But most people do not like to share their passwords and personal details with anyone else. 

It is important to understand when you are responsible for posting great content, you can work a little harder to attract more followers to your account. If you have a team of creative writers, you don’t need a team of Instagram influencers. 


Coming to an important aspect, if you check the trust pilot reviews about Ampfluence, there is only one review posted for the company. When a company promises hundreds of followers and organic growth and has only one review or follower on the trust pilot, can you even believe their claims? They have a few thousand followers, and all that they post are advertising links to their website. 

Be cautious:

The unique feature of having a say on users’ target list, following or unfollowing a user, and adding comments and likes sounds amazing. But do ponder it is you who is giving all the details on a platter to Ampfluence , instead of Ampfluence hunting the right profile for your account. Do think twice before investing your hard-earned money to get followers and likes because ultimately, your hard work is based on which the follower’s count is increased. 


Ampfluence does not help you in any way to get more followers for your brand on your Instagram account. Except for the initial manual followers, everything depends on you – the content, the target group, comments to be posted, etc.

In a scenario like this, it is very obvious that the company lacks vision and creative content. 

One glance at the company website and Instagram, and you would find nothing very appealing about the company. Be careful before you invest your hard-earned money. 

Looking at all the aspects, there are far better options out there.