• Feature-rich
  • Cheap


  • No Real Reviews
  • Uses automation to grow
  • Story Viewing Methods
  • Likely to get banned using it
  • Fake TrustPilot Reviews
Followers Gained
Quality of Followers

Final Verdict

Combin is an automation tool - and Instagram hates automation. If you're looking to get shadow-banned or locked out of your account, then consider using Combin.

Follower Reviews has given Combin a negative rating of 2.9/10. Here’s why:

Combin – Can you trust them?

With Instagram taking over all other social media platforms, everyone is looking to create an excellent profile and reap the benefits it has to offer. The numbers of users using Instagram are growing exponentially year after year. It is not only used for fun but also business and popular brands are making the most of this platform. 

There are so many Instagram growth tools that it can be confusing which one to trust. Unfortunately, almost all types of automation softwares when it come to Instagram is a bad choice. Although Combin has a ton of features and product offerings, it ultimately will harm your Instagram account in the long run.

Automation services are a massive red-flag

Combin is one of today’s most efficient Instagram marketing tools, and it’s pretty affordable.

Unlike other growth services on Instagram, Combin does not just help you buy followers or likes. It helps in gaining real followers that will qualitatively engage in the content generated and like and share it with other users. In other words, Combin is the right tool that allows your account to grow organically. It is one of the best ways to ensure your success on this platform – if you don’t mind the risk that your account could get banned.

However, here are some Combin features that have impressed us:

It has a mind-blowing analytic tool that tracks all your engagement.

The Combin Scheduler is one of the best posting systems if there are two or more accounts to manage on Instagram. Scheduling posts helps in planning them meticulously. Auto-posting is such a useful tool!

The FAQ page is another lifesaver. It covers all their tools pretty extensively, and we think if you have a problem with Combin, you’ll likely find a solution in their help database.

Things not so great on Combin include no live customer support desk to handle complaints. Fake Trustpilot reviews. Instagram StoryViewing services (can get your account banned pretty fast!). Automation. Bad targeting. The list goes on and on.

What about its pricing?

The price range begins from as little as $10 per month. There are a lot of other packs too. Combin has a free version that counts as a trial pack. For as little as $10 per month, you can use it to determine if the software will work for you. No need to spend extra cash in it and then later find out that the software did not fit your bill at all. The software can be pre-installed on Mac and Windows but not on android. 

With premium paid packs, there comes the convenience of managing more accounts. More search and search refresh buttons are also an added bonus. 


Combin is great software, but it just doesn’t work in 2022. If this was 2015, it might be our favorite tool. We’re still a bit sketched out by the fake reviews, though.