• Money-Back Guarantee
  • Appropriately Priced
  • USA - Based Company


  • Uses Automation / API to Grow
  • Likely Get Banned Using It
  • Claims All Other Services Don't Work
Followers Gained
Quality of Followers

Final Verdict

GRAMiety is likely manipulating people on their sales page by suggesting that their service is safe. Any company automating on the Instagram API is likely going to put your account at risk.

Follower Reviews has given Gramiety a mixed rating of 6.8/10. Here’s why:

GRAMiety and their marketing deception…

Let’s look at GRAMiety’s Terms of Service before we begin. Here it states: “GRAMiety growth service requires an Instagram username and password to secure required information for the Instagram API and run the service.

Gramiety claims to be an organic Instagram growth provider that “follows Instagram’s rules and is 100% compliant”, but in their terms they pretty explicitly state that they are using Instagram’s API. The only reason a company would connect to Instagram’s API is if they are using automation to grow your account – which is 100% against Instagram’s complaints.

Their marketing language is very manipulative, to say the least. They say they “don’t use bot followers” and the “work is done by humans”, but it doesn’t explicitly say they use automation. Companies will use automation to grow Instagram accounts whenever they’re trying to save time and cut corners. Automation puts your account at risk, and it’s a huge red flag if you are considering using it on your Instagram account.


GRAMiety might seem like a good deal, but it’s likely hiding the fact that they’re putting your account at risk by using automation. Even though they check a lot of the boxes that we look for, their use of the Instagram API is concerning. Instagram doesn’t allow companies to use their API for growth automation.