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  • Negative Trust Pilot Reviews
  • Automation Doesn't Work Well
  • Rebranded To Avoid Bad Reviews
  • Expensive
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Final Verdict

Instagram bots in 2021 just isn't a great idea. You're better off building an audience manually or with another growth service.

Follower Reviews has given Inflact a negative rating of 3/10. Here’s why:

Inflact / Ingramer – What You Must Know Before You Sign Up For This Bot

Everyone likes becoming popular on social media. It is like a dream come true for most to have the maximum number of likes and followers on their Instagram accounts. 

Many create fantastic content but fail to understand why they cannot garner enough organic likes and followers. The Internet is full of Instagram growth services, and it isn’t easy to pick the one who fulfills the promises made. 

One such automation software is Inflact. Let see what the company has to offer, and can it help the user gain the popularity they are looking for? 

What is an Inflact (formerly Ingramer)?

Inflact calls itself a ‘full-service growth tool for Instagram and offers a host of features to its clients. Some of them are: getting automated likes from bots, following and unfollowing different accounts, and many other features. It targets prospective followers based on hashtag usage and location, and the other popular feature is post-scheduling. It allows the users to schedule their posts. The software offers advanced filters for choosing the right kind of audience for your Insta handle. It uses appropriate niches, which would help to increase your followers count. The dedicated account manager makes sure that they follow the client’s progress regularly.  

Automation to grow IG:

It may seem like Inflact is excellent at its job, and there is nothing you need to concern yourself about. But here is the catch. Instagram bots like Inflact sound good on the surface. But deep down, they can be bad for the account. 

Taking the help of automation tools for your Instagram growth equals violating the terms and policy of Instagram. The account can be temporarily dismissed or can even be permanently banned. As soon as the automation bot gets detected by Instagram, it locks the account; it can sometimes be a permanent ban. 

The software does not have a safe mode and can be easily detected by Instagram. There are instances when Instagram has detected Inflact within weeks and sometimes days. 

Confusing website

People who have opted for Inflact have taken some time to get accustomed to the confusing hashtags. For some, it is a mystery how Inflact works. There is no FAQs page or even a Help page on the internet. Yet another suspicious activity being, the company holds an official Instagram account, but there are no posts on it! No activity there at all.


For an automation tool, Inflact can be way too expensive. They do not have any free trial, but you may want to use their minimum risk package if you have to use it. But, they are prompt in refunding your money. The customer care service is okay, but they are available not 24/7. 

There are three packages priced at $19 for Basic that automate likes, follows, as well as unfollows. The second package is for $29, which includes scheduled posting apart from all the basic pack features. The premium package at $74 has the direct messaging facility to send a bulk message. The messages can be directly sent to target audiences. The comment tracker feature lets the user keep a tab on all the comments on the feed. 

For $144, you can avail of their service for more organic followers for up to three months. Users complain that initially, the bot works well. After adding about 100 or 150 new users, it stops working. The activity level on some days of the month is also very lean. Inflact also sends mismatching invoices for the billing periods. Duplicate bills are also sent sometimes for the same billing period. Exercising caution is the best way not to lose more money. 

Trustpilot reviews 

As per many users’ reviews on Trustpilot, Inflact does not work according to its promises. All its onsite user reviews sound the same. There is a hint that most reviews on the various sites are either completely false or doctored. The account’s safety with Inflact is a grey area. Some people claim that they got banned within days of joining it.


It is best not to get caught up in a rat race of amassing most likes and followers. This is why a lot of people end up signing up for the wrong software. We are afraid we cannot rate it more than a three out of ten. The better idea is to create engaging content. Real and manual interaction is the best way forward.