• Positive Reviews
  • Feature Rich
  • Multiple Social Media Accounts
  • Good Support


  • Automation
  • Expensive
  • Requires Significant Knowledge
Followers Gained
Quality of Followers

Final Verdict

If you insist on automating on Instagram (even though it's bad for your account), then you might as well go with Jarvee. However, expect to spend countless hours (and money) to get things working properly.

Follower Reviews has given Jarvee a positive rating of 7.4/10. Here’s why:

Jarvee is a revolutionary automation tool that helps to boost your Instagram account growth. It promises to help the accounts grow 10X with one of its fastest tools. Users that have tried it are super-impressed with its capacity to attract likes and followers. If reviews are something to go by Jarvee does come across as an efficient automation tool and functions efficiently.

Is Jarvee safe?

Even though Jarvee is an excellent software to use, there is a risk when you are using an automation tool. What can the risks be? Automation tools go against Instagram’s terms of service.

Aggressive use of such software can mean that the account can get banned or temporarily disabled.

Jarvee has a dedicated team for every social media platform today. They work untiring 24 hours a day. The bot is safe if you absolutely know the rules, limits, proxy requirements, and so on. It also manages automation on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Jarvee is only safe if you are familiar with modern automation requirements on Instagram. We think it’s only useful if you are using it to grow hundreds of accounts and have thousands of dollars you are willing to spend on proxies, VPS servers, and more.

The main features of Jarvee:

1. Posts can be easily scheduled on any of the social media platforms. It converts the scheduled posts into stories automatically to enable more engagement.

2. With its Instagram automation, it helps 10X growth for your Instagram account. It has tools such as follow, follow back and unfollow in its kitty. It can even re-post, like, comment, and delete posts and also manage inbox!

3. It can do a fine job with hashtag generation and user research

4. It can perform all the above functions on your Facebook account too. The software even allows you to set up a proxy for your other accounts on the social media platform.

5. It has Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Tumblr, YouTube, and Pinterest automation too

6. It’s unique posting uses Spin Syntax. This creates newer content by swapping similar words/phrases

7. It takes scrutiny of the accounts growth metrics too.

Check their trust pilot reviews

Trustpilot reviews boosts Jarvee and calls it the next best thing already. It has very responsive customer care, and queries get closed in a matter of 24 hours. The users are also very thankful for the detailed tutorial on the website. The only downside to Jarvee is that it uses Windows OS, and it can be very slow and tiring.

How’s the price?

Three payment packages include various scheduling, auto features, and unstinting customer support. The number of social accounts that you can generate will largely depend on your package.

• With the starter pack, you can connect with 10 social accounts worth $29.95 pm only;

• The professional pack that lets you connect with 70 social contacts for $69.95 pm and

• Premium pack that allows connecting to 150 social accounts for $99.95 pm

All the packages have a 5-day trial free. Jarvee does not ask for credit card details, so there is no risk of trying them out. Jarvee is costly, no two things about it, but you need to automate across the platform.


There is a general perception that using bots and automation tools can damage their account. The account may get banned for life, meaning that all the hard work can go down the drain in the wink of an eye! This is a real risk that all automation tools run with. The software is a winner in many terms, but only if you absolutely know what you are doing.