• Feature Rich
  • Multiple Social Media Accounts


  • Automation
  • Expensive
  • Negative Reviews
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Quality of Followers

Final Verdict

There are much better options for Instagram growth that doesn't come with the baggage that Kenji comes with.

Follower Reviews has given Kenji a negative rating of 4.5/10. Here’s why:

Who doesn’t like to increase their Instagram followers count? It is something that everyone aims to achieve, and when there is a shortcut to achieve this goal, who wouldn’t grab it? 

Irrespective of you being a marketer, influencer, or an individual business, getting Instagram followers to follow you on your page is not an easy task. That’s when growth marketing services or automated Instagram bot comes to play. 

Kenji is one such Instagram marketing service provider that extends its services and helps you to increase your Instagram followers. 

Let’s find out in detail what Kenji’s marketing service provider has to offer to its users. 

What is Kenji?

Kenji is an automated bot designed to increase your followers on the Instagram handle. It uses artificial intelligence to garner more comments, followers, and likes – thereby enhance your engagement rate. Based on your interest and niche topic, the AI-powered bot will predict who might follow you. It’s quite easy to set up an account with them. By providing Kenji your niche hashtags and the target audience details, they help you to increase followers on your Instagram account who share similar interests. 

Key Features That Kenji Offer

Like other growth-oriented Instagram services, Kenji also offers various basic services to its users. They provide automated support for the following and unfollowing a profile, which helps generate Instagram growth. Their services include:

Location Targeting. 

Kenji allows you to set your preference, market your Instagram account by targeting a location or area. You can market your brand based on location, where your brand might be located or to the place where you are residing. This will help you to connect with people who are staying in the same area. They can easily engage in your business and turn into paying customers.

Audience targeting.

Getting fake followers and random accounts to follow you is of no use in the long run. Even if the follower’s numbers are high, you will not be visible in your followers’ feed. Your niche followers would not show any interest in your posts due to the low engagement rate. Kenji allows you to target your niche community users and helps in engaging with them to follow you back. 

Hashtag targeting. 

With hashtags that are of your niche, Kenji connects you with the users who share similar niches and hashtags. This is one of the best ways to drive traffic from the right community to your account. 

Is Kenji expensive?

Kenji offers two subscription plans at a reasonable rate. Now without emptying your wallet, you can enjoy the services that are the best in the industry. 

Simple package for $47 per month.

This is an affordable pack that provides you with organic followers to grow your account. It comes with a 14-day guarantee and ensures fast growth, easy setup, locations based targeting, and basic hashtag services. You are offered 24/7 support with basic optimization in this plan.

Pro Package for $78 per month.

Compared with the other companies, the pro package is available at a reasonable rate. Along with all the services provided in the simple package, you are offered auto and smart optimization.

The entire setup process won’t take more than 60 seconds. They offer a 2-week guarantee for each of their impressive features. If you are not happy with what they offer, the money spent would be refunded. Kenji boasts of having more than 100,000 clients and holds a good reputation for bringing in more engagement to your Instagram handle. 

Trustpilot Review on Kenji

As per Trustpilot reviews, Kenji does not have even one single 5-star testimonial provided by the client. There are a few unhappy clients who call them professional scammers. The client expressed, Kenji once after taking the payment, failed to deliver the services promised. Many even complained that Kenji stole their IG account information and provided terrible customer service support. With reviews such as these, you should stay away and do not engage with this agency. You may end up getting shadowbanned or risk being suspended from Instagram.

Is Kenji Safe To Use?

Kenji appears to be a safe and secure site that has visible price points displayed on its homepage. But, they do not have an Instagram page or proper customer support service. Though they claim to be associated with high-profile websites, we doubt how far this is true. It displays a “404 Not Found” error on clicking their support and contact pages, which is questionable. 

While the follower’s count looks impressive, they may not hold much credibility. Even if Kenji offers an easy route to gain more followers, it can land you in trouble as the company takes the help of bots to increase your follower count, which is against the terms and policies of Instagram. 

Wrap Up

Kenji provides the best services for Instagram growth and is pretty new in the industry. To make up for the late entry, they have great pricing strategies to attract users. Even though Kenji can attract the right target audience to your account, you need to limit your activities. As Instagram doesn’t support or tolerate the profile that automated bots help to increase the followers count.