• Established Company
  • USA-Based
  • Not Bad People


  • Bad Growth
  • Automation
  • Fake Claims
  • Waste Of Time
Followers Gained
Quality of Followers

Final Verdict

Kicksta is an iconic Instagram growth service, but they should've stayed in 2015. They haven't been able to provide Instagram growth for several years now.

Follower Reviews has given Kicksta a negative rating of 2.5/10. Here’s why:

The social media explosion of today requires that we re-think our strategies to improve visibility. Online followers can make or break a business. Are you looking for a company that can get you the coveted growth online? Then look around, and you will find many companies offering instant followers. Most of them claim to be the best, but how far can you trust them? Amongst all these competitors we have one such company called kicksta. Can we take kicksta at face value? Let us analyze before we decide to give it a thumbs up. 

Kicksta promises an innovative idea

It is well known that pure and spontaneous growth is the best way to be present online. However, this is easier said than done. The best place to begin is your Instagram account. 

Kicksta is a company that offers exponential growth in a very short time. It is a San Diego-based company that promises social engagement through meaningful content. 

Our probe has revealed that kicksta has only about 10,000 followers on its Instagram account. The numbers definitely seem very small. A social media company that is offering more likes and followers on other people’s Instagram accounts must do better… not to mention that most of these followers seem fake.

What Do They Offer and What It Translates To?

They offer the following services to their clients-

· Automation – Every online presence needs advanced tools like AI and machine learning. The term is pretty standard. The claim sounds unfounded because they do not use any cutting-edge technology here. 

· Powerlikes- it promises engagement from real people. Those that will like or dislike content based on their judgment. The problem with Kicksta is that it is only partially helpful. Even if they manage to get you like, there is no consistent effort to grow followers.

· Story views- Here comes the exciting part. Stronger engagement with the audience naturally translates into more likes and followers. Story viewing will work if your content is strong. It is one of the only features that work on KIcksta. But if the content is already strong to generate engagement, why would you spend money on Kicksta? You could do this very well on your own!

· They are slightly more affordable when compared to other companies. 

What do they deliver?

For the record, the company does provide some automation. But the price you pay for what they promise is two different realities. They manage to get a few dozen likes instead of hundreds of followers promised on their website. The effectiveness of its automation tool is doubtful.

They do somehow rank well on the use of keywords, but as soon as someone lands here, the secret is out! They are not as good as you expect them to be. This is an era where a company’s worth gets calculated based on likes and followers. Only a handful of likes and followers can damage its reputation beyond repair. 

If there is one thing they are good at, then it is getting the target audience. They use location and gender or age-based hashtags. Sadly, even this feature is not very useful since there is no real growth for the account. 

What should you know?

· The company’s Instagram account has only a few thousand followers. What they fairly manage is to use keywords efficiently.

· Their trust pilot has too many negative reviews

· They claim to provide manual- growth, power-likes, and automation. None of it sounds true. 

· Their strategy of liking photos to grow on Instagram may work if there are more followers than likes. 

Think Before You Pay

You need to be realistic when you select a company like Kicksta. Every customer is different. The truth remains that an account will see steady growth if the content posted is good. Kicksta may claim to have many clients and promise a lot. But it is important to analyze carefully before parting with your hard-earned money. 


The first thing you should do is gather information on all the packages and options. Next, understand your requirements. 

Many companies offer you instant success using bots and machine learning. Instant fame lasts for a very short span. Your account may get banned from using automation and bots. That is why it is best to steer clear of such companies and grow your Instagram account organically.