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  • Kind of Cheap


  • No Real Reviews
  • Uses automation to grow
  • Story Viewing Methods
  • Likely to get banned using it
  • Fake TrustPilot Reviews
  • And much, much more
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Final Verdict

If you're looking to gain followers on Instagram, you might be impressed with Nitreo at first glace - but underneath lies a beautifully crafted scam.

Follower Reviews has given Nitreo a negative rating of 2/10. Here’s why:

In present-days, many look for software that could help them increase the followers of their Instagram account. It is to be noted that many want to do it organically. The more likes and engagement you get on the posts, the more people will follow. More followers will mean more engagement on the posts and so on. 

Reaching out to the wider audience is always desirable. A lot of people choose to go for automation bots to increase traffic to their Insta handle. One such growth service provider is Nitreo. Before opting for such providers, it is important to determine the quality of their services and if they are trustworthy.

Today, let’s look at what Nitreo offers, and if you can trust them for your Instagram growth. There are a few things around this software that are unsettling and suspicious. Stay with us while we unravel the truth. 

What is Nitreo?

If your interest lies in growing your Instagram account, then you must have heard of Nitreo. It is an Instagram growing tool that helps get more followers and have engaging conversations with them. The software performs on autopilot mode; it does not need timely instructions to do the job. All that the client needs to do is log on to its site and sign up for it. Once done, it will continue doing its work to increase followers count and create engaging conversations, leading to your brand popularity. The software claims to follow users of specific niches and not everyone. Let’s dig in further to understand what kind of services the company offers and if it can fulfill the promises made.

Neat website

Nitreo’s website is beautiful, and our compliments towards the service end there. The beautifully-designed software is of no consequence. All the buttons on the site are mere dummy—none of the tools on its software work. Everything is pretty-pretty but nothing functional there.  

Whatever little works on Nitreo are very slow, but like all other things, there is an alibi for it too! Nitreo claims that it is slow for a purpose. It says that its nature of work is to garner likes and followers organically. That is why it runs deliberately slow. This does dodge Instagram’s algorithms from detecting it and banning the account. 

The obvious red flags:

Nitreo claims that it uses AI to combine with real human touch. It safely and organically gets likes and followers. It claims it is suitable for everyone, irrespective of the account’s niches. Based on user-experiences, it is evident that all the above claims are false. 

If you want to put your money down the drain, you may want to try out this software. 

Terrible reviews on Trustpilot

Its Trustpilot account is full of negative reviews. The software is also quite notorious for spinning tales on their website. It claims to have several dozens of brand placements. It even drops names such as Forbes magazine and Buzz Feed. The review from “@muitobommedia” that Nitreo says ‘waxes eloquent about its features and pros’ is an absolute lie. Do not fall for any of the above. They are all obvious red flags. Users are talking about their misadventures on Nitreo, and they all have sorry tales. Not a single review on its website, either. 


There are two different subscription plans. One is the Essential plan, and the other one is called the Speed plan. The Essential plan is for beginners. It’s for $49. The software claims that the growth with it is steady. The other is a $79 plan that has no cap on its speed. It also has all the features of the Essential plan. There are no free plans. Everything here comes with a price tag. But we don’t see the point in investing so much money when it is an automation bot only. The only silver lining is that they are forthcoming with a refund if you complain. You need to reach their support team with your subscription details. That is a big relief. Who would want to spend all their hard-earned money and not get any returns?

Zero activity:

That said, there is zero activity on their own Instagram. An average person expects Nitreo to have many followers. But it does not seem to be using its strategies to garner more likes or followers. 


As a final word, Nitreo is doesn’t stand up to our expectations and does perform poorly. We would not recommend it much to anyone. It is an abysmal 2 out of ten only.