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  • Good Service
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  • Expensive
  • Sometimes Poor Quality Followers
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Final Verdict

If you want to spend more money and not automate, then SimplyGram might be for you.

Follower Reviews has given SimplyGram a positive rating of 8.1/10. Here’s why:

Do you want to be famous on Instagram?

Does it sound like a dream? Do you find it extremely tedious and have given up your hopes?

Well, not all are lucky to be in the spotlight the moment they enter the social media platform. Some of us have to sail through the ups and downs, whereas it’s just a cakewalk for some.

What if we say now everything is possible and don’t give up just yet.

Thanks to numerous Instagram marketing services, you need not worry about your Instagram page’s growth any longer. With many companies offering growth services, how do you know which one is the best? 

Here is an in-detail review about one such service– SimplyGram. This popular marketing service has a dedicated account management team and uses artificial intelligence to provide you the best services for your Instagram page’s growth. Peruse on to find out what they provide and how far it works. 

What is SimplyGram?

Known for its Instagram marketing services, SimplyGram helps to boost your Instagram followers by using organic strategies. Though this strategy may take longer to work than purchasing followers, but can’t assure if you would get genuine followers who are really interested in your posts. 

SimplyGram provides the user freewill to pick the accounts that you prefer to have as followers. Using this information, they interact with and target similar account types to increase your followers. Though this method seems beneficial, it has its limitations.

What Features Does SimplyGram Offer?

With an assurance to provide you with active followers on Instagram, SimplyGram comes with various features, such as:

Increased growth rate. 

They provide new Instagram followers organically and in the fastest way possible. This might be a fake claim as they use automated bots to drive traffic to your page. 

Custom Audience. 

The dedicated team at SimplyGram uses usernames and hashtags to connect with the potential audience interested in your niche. Additionally, they guarantee you an exact number of followers up to 5000 each month. All this sounds amazing but not believable.

Is SimplyGram expensive?

Simplygram has three different subscriptions of varying budget plans for their users. This includes:

Individual plan for $69 per week. 

With this package, you get 40 Instagram accounts that will drive traffic to your page. For sure, the authenticity of these accounts remains unclear. There’s a higher risk of your Instagram account being suspended or banned completely. 

Influencer package for $99 per week

By paying a huge amount per week, all they’re doing is using a generic bot like the rest of the fake services online – to generate more growth to your Instagram handle. The claims to get 80 accounts sending traffic to your page. 

Popular plan for $199 per week. 

This package claims to provide the fastest Instagram growth service in the industry by generating exceptional organic growth. In this, you will have 200 Instagram accounts driving traffic to your account. 

Lastly, you can enjoy a 3-day free trial for each of the subscription plans and can cancel anytime. 

Can You Trust SimplyGram? Is It A Scam?

With over 9000 followers on Instagram, they only have occasional posts with not much engagement. How far they remain credible remains suspicious! 

Likely, their followers are also fake. As per their site reviews, they boast of providing services to clients that will help generate over 5000 new followers each month – now that’s a red flag! 

Besides, this agency assures you to increase traffic for your page with AI’s help – well, that’s a bot for sure! Considering they are relatively new and not popular, we doubt this claim.

Trustpilot Reviews on SimplyGram

If Trustpilot reviews are anything to go by, you will come across mixed reviews about SimplyGram. Some users are really unhappy and complain about SimplyGram services, how their Instagram page is loaded with fake followers and ads, requesting a refund. 

On the other hand, some users gave positive reviews about the company. How they cherished and enjoyed seeing a hike in the number of followers added to their Instagram handle. These testimonials are fake and are quite misleading. 

When it comes to site reviews, most of them appear to be fishy. Though they have names and pictures, you can’t be sure if they are real. 

There’s a higher chance of them faking the reviews on their website as well. As for their claims of being used by Wired, Forbes, and Vice – you will find no mention of SimplyGram on these websites. 

Wrap Up

With all the facts stated above, we know that SimplyGram is not selling genuine and real engagements to the users. Also, they use automated bot technology which can lead to the account being blocked by Instagram.

It is wise to know that you will not boost your Instagram followers by using fake engagements. By the end, it’s up to you to opt for a reliable growth service like Ascend Viral to enhance your Instagram account performance. 

We hope you make a wise choice!!!