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Final Verdict

You may think Social Boost will lead you to Instagram fame, but there are definitely better companies to check out.

Follower Reviews has given Social Boost a negative rating of 4/10. Here’s why:

If you wish to grow your Instagram account organically, it may take a long time. For businesses that want to launch a campaign, waiting may not be a viable option. Say there is a product launch or the introduction of a new service. People will look for a quick boost and popularity of the brand in less time. When faced with such situations, the question everyone seems to ask is which service to turn to? Which growth service providers are dependable? 

Several growth services promise overnight growth and increase in the number of likes and followers. With so many different ways to grow, it may be not easy to single out which one is the best. Lots of these Instagram marketing services promise great results. But most of them fail to deliver even one-third of their promises. 

Let us find out if Social-Boost, a company that claims to offer real followers, lives up to its name.

In this review let’s get in detail and find out if Social-Boost is worth affiliating with or not.

What is Social-Boost?

Social Boost claims to provide its clients with better social engagement by using automated services. The service providers give assurance that they’re completely organic which is completely safe and in accord with Instagram terms and policies. It does away with the risk of getting banned.

They help you grow and manage your Instagram account and help in bringing your brand to the forefront with many likes and followers added to the Insta handle. They also boast of having over 3000 active clients, which vouch for their services being safe and secure. Once you choose the plan that suits your requirements, they allocate a dedicated account manager who would try and understand your niche and create a strategy for the growth of your Instagram account. All this may sound very promising, but it does raise doubts at one point. Independent researchers have found out that there is not an iota of truth in their claims. It is another automation bot.  

What Are The Features Of Social Boost?

Social-Boost offers varied features claiming to be unique. Most of them are generic and found everywhere.  

Custom Targeting:

Social Boost offers the best targeting services. However, there is no clear information on the filters other than gender and location. 

Follow and Unfollow:

This method, often touted to be one of the best for growing Instagram accounts, it is one of their core features. It helps to follow accounts similar to the niche and then get those accounts to follow back. In the case those accounts do not follow back, Social-Boost will unfollow them automatically.

What Trustpilot Review Has To Say?

Their Trustpilot account may display many positive reviews, but it is quite obvious that most of them are fake or doctored. Social-Boost has reacted to the comment with a 1-star. This indicates that they are not the actual experiences of the clients. Even though it is relatively new in the field of growth marketing service, there are too many red flags to ignore. 

Is Social-Boost Pricey?

When it comes to pricing, Social-Boost is quite expensive, which happens to be a major setback. They provide their clients with three different types of subscription plans. 

Personal Package:

This plan will cost you $59 per month, which is a bit over the board for a basic plan. You can enjoy organic growth, live chat, and other basic features in this plan. Besides, you have the freedom to cancel the subscription anytime.

Influencer Package:

This package charges $99 per month. It has all features of the basic package as well as weekly reports and advanced targeting features.

Turbocharged package:

This plan will cost you $249 for one month. This package offers added growth along with everything that they have to offer in the influencer plan. 

Is It Safe To Use Social-Boost?

Social Boost may not come across as scammers. But they are not completely honest with what they promise. They do not provide their users with limitations on their engagement. There is a serious concern that Social-Boost could be stealing personal data. It may be selling information like accounts and passwords to third-party services for a profit. 

Wrap Up

Though Social-Boost appears to be a legitimate company, they fall short in a lot of fields. Pricing and providing meaningful growth are just two different things. Nowhere in the FAQ section have they given a clear insight into their work. They seem to be another Instagram bot that does not care about the clients.