• Claims Manual Growth
  • USA-Based
  • Good Support


  • Questionable Reviews
  • Not The Strongest Followers Gained
  • Slow
Followers Gained
Quality of Followers

Final Verdict

Trusy has a great Instagram presence, but their growth service isn't anything special.

Follower Reviews has given Trusy a mixed rating of 5/10. Here’s why:

Trusy is one of the fastest Instagram growth service providers. A lot of people have used it and find credence in their claims. They have good reviews on the Internet. The pricing also nicely justifies all its advanced features. Users who have tried it have noticed a very good spurt in their Instagram followers. They have cracked the code for creating a lot of engagement on the client’s post. The best part is that it does not even get detected by Instagram for violating its new terms of service.

Following services by Trusy

• Growth in an organic fashion 

• Free audit of account

• Collaborations with brands

• Dedicated account manager for individual accounts

Delivering on its promises:

Users’ concerns are addressed and solved in 24 hours. They have a comprehensive about page. Their Trustpilot account is abuzz with activity. 

Joining Trusy is akin to a child’s play. Log on to the site and navigate to choose the preferred plan. Every plan comes with an accounts manager who is reachable 24/7 and a free account audit. Trusy does not ask for the Instagram password at all. 

It takes about 48 hours after signing up to get their services activated. A dedicated account manager gets assigned to each account. The manager sets up member services and provides one-on-one customer care and accountability.


Trusy renews all its payment plans every month. There are also discount coupons available on the site that you can use to avail a 10% discount on Trusy’s plan change. There are three variations in the plans. They vary according to the organic growth and engagement anticipated. 

Thus the three plans are medium, high, and Max. The High plan includes features of the basic plan and additional brand collaborations by influencers. The Max growth plan includes power likes and increased social engagement. To top all this, they also have a money-back guarantee. Payment can be via the PayPal platform and through most other cards. The payment gateways are very secure and keep the client information private.

Some users do think that Trusy is pricey. It may charge a little more than others, but it is worth all the money. Power-likes may damage Instagram accounts. Trusy also lacks a phone helpline.

Perfect Instagram account example:

Trusy has an impressive Instagram presence. Their posts are much loved, and the account followers are in thousands. It is their unique algorithm that helps to detect and divert traffic to their client’s accounts. This is the secret of phenomenal success. They also help in promoting your web pages. For that, they have a separate service related to hashtags and location-based niches.

People are gaga about it on Trustpilot:

A peek at their Instagram account will assure you about their popularity. Most of the users have given a satisfactory rating and have good words to speak about their services. They perfectly mastered a clear-cut algorithmic formula for growing organic likes and followers. Apart from this, the account manager ensures that each customer’s account is regularly monitored and the progress is monitored periodically. 

There have been hardly any complaints about Trusy, so it is safe to conclude that it is a secure site. There are a total of 93 reviews and an average of 4.5 on Trustpilot. 

Trusy is a must-try for anyone that is looking to grow on IG. The flexible plans allow investing in them initially for a short period. Once satisfied, they could continue with the membership plan. 


Not a single customer has ever lost their account with them. This is something phenomenal and unprecedented. It adheres with all of Instagram’s latest terms of service and lends a big hand to its clients to help them grow their Insta handle. Trusy does this with clean grace.